In 1742 Dr. Bartholomew Mosse must already have been thinking about how to get the finances together to open the first maternity hospital in the British Isles. I wonder did his mentor, Dr. John Stone, invite Mosse out to the Neale’s Musick Hall on Fishamble Street in Dublin so that Mosse would get a break. If so then Mosse not only would get a idea of how to finance the hospital – staging of concerts – but would also be one of few to attend the premiere of Handel’s Messiah.

When the New Lying-In Hospital opened in 1757 Mosse had also considered the long term future of how the hospital would support itself. To that end the plans for the hospital include a Rotunda and new rooms for public entertainment as well as a pleasure garden. From admission fees and events staged here Mosse was hoping to help finance the hospital. Sadly Mosse wouldn’t live long enough to see this part of his plan implemented.

18 Rotunda and New Rooms. December 1795.
James Maltons “Rotunda and New Rooms. December 1795”.

Construction of rotunda assembly rooms were supervised by architect Richard Johnston, who designed the under appreciated Aldborough House on Portland Row, and followed plans designed by Frederick Trench and the hero of Georgian architecture in Dublin, James Gandon. The foundation stone was laid by Duke of Rutland on the 17th July 1785. Today the Rotunda Assembly Hall hosts the Ambassador Theatre while the Supper Rooms is home to the Gate Theatre

18 Rotunda and New Roomsmagnify-clipRotunda and New Rooms. August, 2013