15 Royal Infirmary, Phoenix Park. July 1794
James Malton’s “Royal Infirmary, Phoenix Park. July 1794”

Mention James Gandon and Dublin and you start to think of buildings such as the Four Courts or The Custom House on the banks of the river Liffey. A building that would rarely be thought about, mainly because it’s pretty much hidden away, is the Royal Military Infirmary. Located in the south east corner of the Phoenix Park the building was designed by Gandon and constructed between 1786 an 1789. George Newenham Wright wrote “It is impossible that the site could have been selected with greater taste and judgement”. Constructed on a natural raise in the park, and separated from the main park by small ravine and stream, it’s intended purpose was to treat the more serious medical cases from the nearby Barracks. It was to remain a military hospital until 1913 when it was replaced by the George V Hospital, now St Brican’s Military Hospital, in nearby Arbour Hill.

Today it is still a military establishment and is the Headquarters of the Irish Defence Forces

15 Royal Infirmary, Phoenix Parkmagnify-clipDefence Forces Headquarters, 2013