The Provost’s House, as it is called, is an elegant Manfion, for the refidence of the Provoft of the Univerfity
– James Malton

13 Provost's House, February 1794
Maltons “Provost’s House, February 1794”
No 1 Grafton Street was commissioned for and by Francis Andrews, Provost of Trinity College and built in 1759/1760. It’s not known for certain who designed the building but it’s likely that John Smyth designed the Palladian style exterior and that Henry Keene the interior.

It is a pity that these days that the building seems very much hidden behind the trees but if your lucky enough to go by when the front gate is open then have a quick peek.  It’s a really nice home.

13 Provosts House, 2013magnify-clipProvost’s House, 2013